Richard Leyva and Richard Wilde have a combined breadth of work that covers over forty years of experience in all aspects of estate and residential design.  Our firm has specialized in large-scale estate development, renovation of existing properties, as well as more intimate scale gardens.  Project locations have extended beyond California to the East Coast, Europe, Latin America, the West Indies and Saudi Arabia.  Our portfolio of work illustrates our flexibility and expertise in working on various projects in many different locales, and our experience lends itself to developing design criteria that extends to small-scale projects in addition to larger estate work.  Additionally, our firm has considerable experience in large-scale single family and multi-use residential developments, parks and recreational facilities, commercial developments, municipal and streetscape design, resort planning, as well as developing design guidelines for planned communities.

Our experience has provided us with a variety of unique opportunities that have included historical garden restoration, utilizing specialized plant palettes, working with challenging site conditions, traversing awkward government regulations, etc.;   all while working in concert with other design professionals towards the ultimate completion of the project.  The goal of our firm is to produce high quality design, within established budgets, while remaining responsive to client's requirements and project scheduling.

We are privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to design numerous garden styles that both complement the site conditions as well as uniquely enhance the architectural stylings.  It is our expressed intent to maintain a commitment to our clients that not only addresses their project goals and design considerations, but provides them with a uniquely individual and highly personal design experience.