Conceptual Landscape Plan
Leyva & Wilde will work with you to develop a personalized conceptual landscape plan that conveys the idea and inspiration for your project. The plan will define all proposed hardscape elements such as enhanced paving areas, pool and spa, fountains, pergolas, etc. and softscape elements including areas of ornamental plantings. This master plan helps distill your wish list of special features, or garden elements, into a practical design solution.

Design Development
During this phase of the design process, we will bridge the conceptual design plan to the final construction drawings. Leveraging our experience and your vision, we’ll create the fundamental design of your garden. This stage also helps to further refine many of the program elements of the design.

Construction Documents
This phase is where we develop the set of drawings that is used to construct all the program elements of the design. The drawing package can include grading, dimensioning, construction, planting, irrigation, pottery and lighting plans, as well as all appropriate construction details that further refine program elements. Construction documents are clear, complete and accurate resulting in realistic bidding and concise construction implementation.  Each project may or may not require inclusion of all of these drawings, and as the client, you are free to choose which drawings you want included in the final construction document package.  Having utilized an extensive variety of construction materials, we can additionally provide assistance in the selection of specialized materials for both the hardscape elements of the design as well as specimen trees and plant material.

Consulting Services During the Bidding Process
During the process of determining which landscaping construction company will potentially be awarded the contract to implement the project, our office can review the various bids and provide an evaluation of them. We will ensure they are thorough and provide costs for each design element, as well as evaluate the company’s expertise and experience. We can also provide recommendations on hardscape and softscape contractors as requested.

Construction Observation
During the course of construction, we ideally like to periodically review progress on the project, as well as make ourselves available to the construction personnel via site visits.  This can include coordinating with the general contractor and the landscape installation contractor as well as meeting with you, the client, as requested. This provides the best assurance that the construction plans will be properly implemented, and details of the garden will be properly finessed.

Maintenance Manual
The development of the maintenance manual will help provide a template for your maintenance personnel to properly care and preserve your newly built garden. This document will address the unique needs and areas of attention that are specific to your garden. From proper pruning techniques to seasonal watering and fertilizing schedules, we’ll make sure your garden will grow more rewarding with the passing of each season. Proper maintenance and care is critical if the newly installed garden is to thrive.